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Should You Buy Dog Toys Made in China?

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Should You Buy Dog Toys Made in China?

The pet world is filled with novelty dog toys—a trend that can be both exciting and confusing for today's dog parents.  Yes, variety makes it easier to provide well-rounded enrichment for dogs.  But with so many options out there, how can pet parents reliably differentiate between safe toys and dangerous toys?  What about popular traditional dog toys like rope pullers and squeakers: Do these also pose risks?

If it's not durable, it's not safe

One of the most important factors is the durability and strength of the toy! Trust your instincts – if a toy doesn’t feel sturdy in your hand, it definitely isn’t sturdy for your puppy.  Choose toys made of tough materials, such as nylon or heavy-duty rubber, that can withstand your dog's chewing and play habits.

Small debris or attachments may cause problems

Small items—like buttons, ribbons, string, or tags—are another thing to focus on. "Toys with small or loose parts can be dangerous for dogs because they can easily be torn and swallowed, causing choking or intestinal blockage," explains Randall.

Before handing your stuffed animal to your puppy, make sure your stuffed animal has embroidery rather than button eyes, and trim any tags that might allow your dog to tear the seams easily.


Wrong dimensions can be dangerous

The size of the toy is also important. "Toys that are too small can pose a choking hazard, especially for smaller dogs," says Randall. "Toys that are too heavy or hard can also be dangerous as they can damage teeth and gums."

When choosing a new toy, make sure it's small enough so your dog can easily fit it into his mouth, but large enough so he doesn't accidentally swallow it.

Are rope toys dangerous for dogs?

The main concern with rope toys is that they wear out over time.  Once they come apart, individual threads can cause suffocation or gastrointestinal obstruction.  Rope toys can also harbor bacteria from your dog’s mouth.

To avoid these risks, choose a heavy-duty rope made from durable materials, such as a mammoth-cotton blend rope toy.  Make it a habit to clean and regularly inspect your rope toys for wear and tear, and discard them once they become worn.

Are squeaky toys dangerous for dogs?

By appealing to your dog's inner hunter, squeak toys provide species-appropriate activities that your dog will enjoy.  While squeaky toys are suitable for most dogs, some puppies are too eager to hunt and may get into trouble.

Are dog toy stuffing dangerous?

If consumed in large amounts.  Some dogs (such as seniors and calm dogs) can play with stuffed toys gently without issue, but chewing dogs and teething puppies can tear the toys apart and eat the stuffing inside. "Stuffed toys can be dangerous if the dog tears the toy open and swallows the stuffing, which could lead to blockage or intestinal damage," Randall warns.


Are dog toys made in China dangerous?

There have been safety concerns with toys made in China because they may contain harmful chemicals or materials that are toxic to dogs. "That's why it's important to choose toys made by reputable manufacturers who use quality materials and follow safety standards," notes Randall.

While Dr. Ilam Sharma admits that some Chinese-made products use dangerous toxic materials, that doesn't mean all dog toys from China are dangerous.

"The fact that toys are made in China doesn't necessarily mean they are of poor quality," she told Rover. "There are many Chinese manufacturers selling high-quality products in the U.S. market."

It's important to understand that any dog toy can pose risks - even if they appear to be completely safe. Any dog toy can be dangerous

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