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What Are Some Fun Facts about Candles?

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What Are Some Fun Facts about Candles?

Candles may seem like a simple decorative item or a way to fill your home with scent, but they can be so much more than that. Here are some fun facts about candles that you may not know…

Candles should not produce smoke when burning. This is why candle care is so important. If you notice your candle is producing smoke, simply trim the wick. You can find more candle instructions here.
Freezing candles does not extend their lifespan. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t. It’s just a silly myth. In fact, it can actually damage the candle.
Candles are made from fish, cows, and whales… yeah, not all candles are eco-friendly and natural. Make sure to choose soy candles to avoid that!
Candles have been around as far back as 500 BC…it’s crazy that humans have enjoyed candles for so long. Sure, candles were used for lighting back then, but it quickly turned into pure bliss.
Blowing out a candle is not a good thing. There is a better way to put out a candle, and that’s with a tool called a candle extinguisher. These tools are available on Amazon.
Want to see other fun facts about candles? You can find more here!


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