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What Can You Make From Metal?

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What Can You Make From Metal?

Like few other metals, you can recycle steel again and again without losing its properties.  As a result, metal recycling is becoming more and more popular. But what can you do with scrap metal?  Where do you take the extra materials?

The good news is that many industries are making efforts to use recycled scrap metal for manufacturing. Learn seven uses for scrap metal.

1. Furniture

If you have a metal bed frame, chances are you're sleeping on scrap metal.  The springs in a mattress may also be made from scrap metal from another company's manufacturer.  Even the screws that hold the dining table and chairs together can be made from scrap metal.

Often, recycled scrap metal is still strong, especially scrap steel and scrap iron.  Therefore, it is ideal for supporting the structure of almost any piece of furniture in your home.

2. Building materials

Another type of structure that requires strong material support is high-rise commercial buildings, such as skyscrapers.  They need strong materials that won't bend or wobble to keep the entire building upright. Builders use large amounts of scrap steel to make these beams.  The steel is run through a scrap metal baler for easy transportation.  Construction crews then melt together all the materials they need. As it cools, it creates the massive beams that support the structure of all the high-rise buildings in cities today.  These beams will never rot because they are not made of wood, and they will never rust because the building's exterior protects it from the elements.


3. canned food

Any canned food you see in your pantry or store is made of aluminum.  This is a safe way to preserve and package large quantities of food and beverages. Aluminum is ductile when in thin sheets, but becomes stronger when thicker.  That's why aluminum is used in many other products, from aluminum foil to airplanes. Therefore, any food packaged in aluminum is likely to be inside recycled scrap metal.  Soups, soft drinks, and even prepared baked goods often use scrap aluminum.

Additionally, although rare, some cans are also made of steel.  These steel tanks are also made from recycled scrap metal.

4. Lighting

Light fixtures in your home It's likely that at least some portion of those fixtures are made of metal. Lighting manufacturers melt the metal and form it into a shape that fits your lighting.  You then purchase it and install it in your home, where it will most likely stay until you eventually no longer own the house.

5. Cars and airplanes

Cars and planes are the most common ways to travel, especially long distances. These vehicles need to be as light as possible in order to move as fast as possible.  They also need to protect the people inside if something goes wrong.  As a result, cars and airplanes are primarily made of aluminum and steel.

These metals maintain the structure of the vehicle, keeping it together.  If an accident occurs, the body will deform to absorb most of the damage, leaving you largely uninjured.  It also makes cars and planes lighter, allowing for faster movement and better fuel economy.


6. Roads and bridges

Steel beams also form the structure of roads and bridges.  Bridges in particular need to be able to withstand the weight of cars crossing them for many years without breaking.  Achieving this will require more than thick concrete.
Inside the concrete, steel beams form the frame of the bridge.  They are then encased in concrete to allow the road to pass through it, allowing cars to pass through it without any problems. These beams provide support and strength to the bridge so that cars can pass over it without fear for years on end.  Only minor repairs to the concrete will be required over a long period of time.

7. Art

Finally, many artists like to create art out of whatever is available.  This includes items that others are processing, such as scrap metal. They are always looking for materials for their next piece at a reasonable price.  Most of the time, they don't need a lot of metal to make interesting stuff. Either way, these make for amazing and fun pieces of art for people to enjoy.  Maybe you see it as a piece of public art on your way to work every day.  Or it might become part of a private collection or go into a museum.


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