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Why Are Toy Dogs Called Toys?

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Why Are Toy Dogs Called Toys?

It’s true that the best things come in the smallest packages, and the toy dog breed is solid proof of this. Adorable, lively and loyal toy dogs will quickly capture your heart and become your best friends for life. Their small size doesn't equal a small personality, they're charismatic and super fun, and you'll rarely be without a smile on your face with a pocket-sized pooch.

If you want a dog that will always stay the same puppy size, then look no further than these toy dog breeds we think make the perfect four-legged friend.


What is a toy dog breed?

Each dog breed is divided into a group, such as working dogs, retrievers, and hunting dogs. The toy dog breed is just one of these classifications, and this group consists of the smallest mongrel dogs.

This toy group gets its name from the fact that its size often resembles a stuffed animal. Toy dogs may include spaniels, terriers, Dobermans, etc., which are often just standard breeds that have been selectively bred to be smaller. They usually weigh around 6kg or even less.

Historically, most dogs were bred for work, and this is still true for some toy breeds. However, most are bred for the sole purpose of being loyal companions to humans. Many toy dog breeds are often referred to as pugs, which means their nature is to sit comfortably on someone's lap all day long, both because of their small size and docile, lazy temperaments that prefer sitting and napping.

This means that toy dog breeds are often owned by people who have a lot of free time with a dog sitting on their lap, so toy dog breeds are often considered a symbol of affluence, wealth, and even celebrity status.


Why are toy dog breeds good?

Puppies can do it all. Although small dogs are known for their lazy lifestyle of lying on your lap all day, there are also many small dogs that are energetic and very smart. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re all the same – their personalities, exercise needs, and desire for fun vary from breed to breed, and some are even great participants in canine sports! There's a toy dog breed for everyone, whether they're lazy or active.

There are many benefits to owning a pocket-sized dog compared to a larger dog, and a smaller dog means less expense, less cleanup, and less hassle. They are easier to pick up and transport, making them perfect if you live in a small house with little or no garden.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite toy dog breeds. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, we have simply chosen some of the most popular toy dog breeds that make excellent dogs for a variety of lifestyles and situations.

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