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Why Is My Dog Mothering Her Toys?

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Why Is My Dog Mothering Her Toys?

Over the years, we have often received feedback from many pet-raising families that their dogs carry toys with them wherever they go, guard the toys, snatch the toys away from the owner upon seeing the owner, hide the toys, bury the toys, and destroy the toys. , and take care of their toys. Depending on the behavior, a lot of things can happen. So what do some of its behaviors tell us?

We give meaning to dog toys

If your retriever grabs his toy as soon as you walk in the door or as soon as guests arrive at your home, he may have been passively trained to do so. The lesson is easy to learn: the dog brings a toy to the human, the human tug-of-war or throws the toy with the dog, the dog has fun, and the dog learns by repeating.

Likewise, you may have arranged treats in the relevant pet equipment before leaving for the day to reward your pet for being independent at home. Over time the dog learns to associate the toy with a tasty treat or quiet, comfortable time alone.


The toy is a replacement puppy

Motherhood is a strong instinct for many female dogs, whether they are neutered or not. Some dogs, especially female dogs (but male dogs can also exhibit this behavior from time to time), will use toys to play motherly role. This toy satisfies deep instincts of nurturing and protection.

Chew toys can calm people

Chewing can help your dog relax, and for puppies, chewing can relieve the pain associated with teething and help them explore the world around them. If the toy has your scent on it, it may be particularly calming for your dog because he feels like he has "his companion" with him.

toys are prey

Dogs bred for hunting or retrieval are driven by hunting and even killing instincts. For these dogs, toys are a substitute for prey that they would otherwise stalk, kill, or retrieve. These toys can also help them learn and practice these skills. If your dog is prone to shredding or destroying toys, choose toys wisely.


Squeaks in toys sound like prey

As scary as it sounds, the squeaky toy sounds like the cry of prey after it's been caught by a predator. That squeaky toy may look and sound cute to you, but your dog may imagine he has a little bunny in his mouth! Be wary of squeaky toys. Many dogs are driven to find the source of the sound and will tear apart a toy to find it, then eat the parts.

So should we be worried about dogs becoming addicted to toys? In fact, there is no need to worry too much. Because a dog generally enjoys his toys or playtime associated with them when he is alone. Of course, if your dog violently attacks you or other dogs for no apparent reason, you should pay attention. It may be that its wild nature has been exploited, and it is best to go to a professional institution to receive some education. If you are attacked when you try to take away a toy, I advise you not to fight with it when it is excited. This is when its protective spirit is strongest and you will be hurt. Keep in mind that some breeds have been bred for traits such as hunting or herding. These breeds are particularly eager to find prey, kill it, or round up prey. Your dog's obsessive-compulsive behavior might actually just be a sign that he needs a better way to vent all that excess energy.

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