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What Is The Point of Putting Gnome Statues in Your Garden?

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What Is The Point of Putting Gnome Statues in Your Garden?

Whether he's standing guard at the base of a tree trunk during the day or fishing in your pond, he's probably spying on your home at night, too. Garden gnome statues are originally of German origin but have spread to gardens around the world.

No matter where they live, whether they are male or female, all garden gnomes have one thing in common: they wear a distinctive long, pointed red hat. While most male garden gnomes also have beards, female garden gnomes usually have long hair. While we're not sure why they popularized red headwear, we do know that these charming little people have kept the trend going for centuries.


Gnome Symbolism Although many other European countries have their own versions of garden gnome statues, these mischievous mythical creatures have been around in their homeland since the early 1800s. Denmark and Norway have Nisse, and in Spain they are called Duende.

According to folklore, they were supposed to help in gardens, around the house, and tend garden produce, animals, livestock, and crops in the rural areas where they lived under the rafters of barns. Farmers believed these whimsical characters had some magical power that could help their fields produce more produce, protect them from pests, and keep thieves away. By night, they are also known to be helpful gardeners (something we can all benefit from). In German fairy tales, these earth dwellers are often described as old men who guard underground treasures and minerals.


Although few believe that gnomes actually exist, garden gnome statues have a reputation for bringing good luck and acting as good luck charms. They are also believed to bring protection.

We all need a little extra luck, and even if your garden gnome statue doesn't bring a ton of lucky streaks, he certainly makes a wonderful host and welcomes visitors to your home. There are no rules for placing a gnome, and he may just like to move around at night. If your garden is a little big for a gnome, you may want to give him some companionship, even a female companion.


It's important to note that if you have an open lawn that's easily accessible to passers-by, don't be surprised if your gnome disappears for a while. He'd come back with a bunch of snapshots of the places he'd been when he left. It is indeed a thing to kidnap gnomes and travel with them before (sometimes) returning them.

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